What are the Best Apps for Foodie?


Food apps might not be important to you. However, for some people, food apps are really necessary. This is very important for any foodie. They need to download it on their phone. But, if you are into food lately, we think you need to install this app. By installing some apps below and be sure to updgrade your smartphone OS too, you can make your food experience become better. You can wait in line virtually in your favorite restaurant and when you come, the line is up for you. Maybe you are someone who loves to cook and you want to share your recipes, an app recommended by FileHippo will make sure that your favorite recipe can be shared for other foodies.

Best Food Apps That Should be Install for Foodie

Below is the list of food apps that every foodie must install. The app will really help you with anything related to food. There are many apps that will help you to find a great restaurant or free food in certain places. Your dining experience will be great with these apps.

  1. Foursquare

The popularity of Foursquare has been decreased years ago. However, if you claim yourself to be a foodie, then you will certainly need this app. For everyone who loves to eat out, Foursquare is the best app for you. The role of Foursquare in foodie’s life is to give you information about discounts and free food in the certain restaurant. Maybe after reading this, you will love Foursquare again. To get discount and free food, you need to use Foursquare to check in. If you check in at a certain restaurant, you can obtain a discount or free food. You will get the code and you can show it to the waitress to redeem your voucher.

  1. Trip Advisor

Although the name of this app has the word “Trip”, you can use this app for your dining experience. FileHippo also recommended you this one since this travel app can be your guide in looking for the best restaurant around you. You can sort out the restaurant by reviews, most spit on, and the best ones. You can also know the location of the restaurants so you know which one is the nearest to you. This app is also free.

  1. Starbucks App

Who doesn’t love Starbucks? Everyone loves Starbucks. Even some people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. This app is definitely a must-have app! As a foodie, having a Starbuck app is necessary. It is not just about the Starbucks itself. You can get free access to apps, games, and music on iTunes! This is the reason why you need to install; Starbucks App. Not to mention that you will get the latest info of Starbucks info. The benefit of this app is no doubt, have a discount for coffee. You can also get coffee refills for free or maybe free drinks at a certain time.

  1. Open Table

This one is also mandatory for you who want to have an easier life. You can make reservations in some restaurant on your phone! Moreover, Open Table also gives you cash back. By installing the Open Table, your dining experience will be taken to the next level. You just have to make a reservation in the certain restaurant. Who knows if your favorite restaurant also has a promo that gives you more cash back. You can get point every time you make a reservation. The points can be used for coupons, discount, and cash back.

  1. NoWait

Just by reading the name of this app, maybe some of you already know what the function of this foodie app is. NoWait can be your new best friend in the dining experience. This app will allow you to wait in line in restaurant virtually! This is a new level of eating out. By using this app, you can add your name to the waiting list. And you will get a notification if your wait is over. When you arrive at the restaurant, the table is ready for you. This app is really cool and everyone should download it.

Others Best Apps for Foodie

Those five apps above are necessary for foodies. However, the next list below from FileHippo is also quite important for you. You can get many benefits from them too! Check them out.

  1. Urbanspoon

This app is interesting since Urbanspoon is like a game. So, you can play a restaurant slot machine. You need to hot the spin and the app will recommend you a restaurant. The app also provides a review so you will know whether the restaurant is having good or bad reviews. Urbanspoon also gives you the photos and direction of the restaurant.

  1. GrubHub

For you who are too lazy to go out, GrubHub is the app that you need. This foodie app will allow you to order food and the food will be delivered to you!

  1. Chefs Feed

Download Free Software FileHippo is also recommending you this app since this is a very useful app. Chefs Feed is a foodie app where you can go to a restaurant recommended by the chef. The chefs are a top chef in their respective country. So, you will get many recommendations of best dishes and restaurants by them.

  1. Fork It

The last foodie app that you can download is Fork It. This app will help you to motivate yourself to cook more. Fork It will help you by doing a game to make a food. You can also get a challenge from another user. This app works best to develop a good habit.

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Let’s Update Your Smartphone with Newest OS!


If you have a smartphone or tablet, you need to update the OS regularly. This is the way to make your user experience become better, get the newest features, get the best features, and you can protect your data on your gadget from security threats or cybercrime. On this post, we will give you a step by step on updating OS on Android and iOS. Let’s check them out!

How to Upgrade Your Android

If you use an Android gadget, usually you will get a notification from your gadget that the newest update is available. So, you can download the newest OS right away. You can also set your Android gadget to make it update by itself. Check the Settings menu and you will find one. Right now, Android has Android Pie as their newest OS. However, this newest version is not available for every Android. So, you need to know how to update your Android gadgets by reading this below.

Android Pie is also known as the 9th version of Android OS. This OS was released at the beginning of 2018. But, it will take some time for the Android users to be able to update their gadget with Android Pie.  For your information, if you want to get Android Pie, it will depend on your device. In some cases, the provider that you use is also contributing to this matter. So, it is normal for some Android devices that won’t get any update for Android Pie. Especially if you already use the Android device for more than two years. The update will become rarer. And the manufacturer also doesn’t support the newest OS for older Android devices.

However, if you use Android Oreo, which the last year’s Android OS, you may have a chance to update them into Android Oreo. To update it, you just need to go to Setting and find the Software Update menu. After that, you just need to enable the feature for “Update automatically”. By enabling this feature, if there is a new update for your Android, you will get a notification and your device will update by itself.

How to Update Your iOS

For iOS users, don’t worry! We don’t forget you. For you who use iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you need to know how to update the latest version of Apple’s OS. Learn how to update it below!

  1. On-Device Update

First things first, you need to back up all of the dates in your device. Go to Settings. The icon is a gray gear that you can find in your home screen. After that, you will see the icon, tap it. Go to “General” and you will see that there is “Software Update, then tap it. If you don’t find it, it is located at the very top of the setting. Tap “Download” and your device will download the newest OS. After that, you need to tap “Install Now”. There will be some description of the OS like new features and others. Before you install the OS, you need to accept the terms and conditions. After that, enter the passcode. It is the one that you use whenever you want to unlock your device. The device will restart. This is the step where the update process will start.

  1. Via iTunes

You can update OS via iTunes. The steps are easy. First, you need to connect the device by using the USB cable to your PC. After connecting, you need to click “Trust”. Open iTunes and you need to click “Back Up Now”. After that, click “Check for Update”. If there is an update, you just need to download it and install the newest OS. Your device will restart when the installing process begins.

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What Should You Do with Your PlayStation 4?


There are so many people who love PlayStation. Even there are many fans who love it since the first generation. However, today’s PlayStation is really great and we can say that it changes completely. This game console is very famous technology in this market. Moreover, you can enjoy many amazing games that are available for PlayStation 4. Indeed, this generation of PlayStation is unrivaled. There are many new games out there, but PlayStation 4 still a winner in many people’s heart.

Things You Need to Know about PlayStation 4

If you already have PlayStation 4, you need to know some things when you set it up. In fact, there are a lot more to do with this console game. Maybe you need some help to set this up, then this post is for you. You need a guide in using the PlayStation 4. We will give you some tips on using PlayStation 4 so you can have the best experience in gaming. This post is also worth to read for someone who wants to buy PlayStation 4 for the first time. It is because choosing a PlayStation can be confusing to some people.

Ultimate Guide to Choose and Use PlayStation 4

By reading this guide, we hope you can choose the right PlayStation 4 and you can use it for good. Here are our tips and guide.

  1. Know what you want

There are many types of PlayStation 4 such as Slim PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and the classic version as well. Right now, PlayStation already launched it 5.5 version. So, you can have many new, great, and cool content in your console. If you are a parent and you want to buy PS4 for tour child. There is a new feature that will make every parent happy. This feature is called Play Time Management. As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to control your child in playing the game. Your child’s account can be controlled by using this app. You can control the time such as “ 3 hours a day”, “allow the game to play from 3 pm to 5 pm”, “allow the gamer to play only on Saturday and Sunday”, and there are many time management setting that you can use. You need to have a parental account first to use this feature. You can also control it with your phone.

  1. Library

Just so you know, in the newest update there will be a few more tabs in your library. This new feature is very useful because it will be much easier to find and sort out new content. This is very important to PS4 VR user. You will know the name or description of the virtual reality titles. This is something that does not exist in the previous update. Moreover, there will also a VR icon so you can organize the content better.

  1. Tournament page

There is also a new update in the tournament page. You can import your data like a picture from your USB. This is very necessary if you want to have an icon for your team logo. The background for tournament page can also be used as the background for your PS 4 Home. Last but not least, you can make a schedule of events. The schedule is very helpful in tournament page feature. You can also filter 1v1 and Team vs Team events easier.

  1. The Quick menu

The last thing that you need to know about PS 4 is the quick menu. There is also an update that allows you to drop-down the friend list. You can send a message to them or maybe invitation. You can also know who’s online at the moment. Spotify users will also get benefits for their PlayStation Music.

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