How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows 10


Clear DNS Cache on Windows 10

Have you ever wondered how to clear DNS cache on Windows 10? When your computer suffers from DNS-related issues, flushing out the resolver cache can actually help. If you encounter problems, like having a notification ‘website not found. Error’ or you can’t view certain changed pages, then you are likely having such an issue. However, different operating systems (or versions) will have different results. And if you have Windows 10, there are some solutions that you can do to deal with the issue.

Understanding DNS (Resolver) Cache

What is a DNS cache, anyway? You see, when you visit a site, your system will ‘memorize’ it so it can access the same site quicker if you want to visit it again. Let’s say that you want to visit Once you type it in the browser, it is directed to the (DNS) server. The server learns the site’s IP address (Facebook). And then you will be directed and taken to the site. The record of the activity (where you type in Facebook and you visit the page) will stay in your system. And such records create a DNS Resolver Cache. So, it’s basically the memory of all the websites and pages that you have visited.

Why clearing up the DNS cache? There are several reasons why clearing out the cache can actually help your system:

  • First, a website’s IP address may change. If your system has the old one, your computer won’t be able to reach it.
  • Second, cached data are possibly corrupted
  • Third, you free some space from the cache and basically clean up the system

If you have some issues whenever you use the browser, then clearing out the cache will help quite a lot.

Windows Command

Windows Command

If you want to reset the DNS cache, you need to do the following stages:

  • Choose Start, and then type in ‘cmd’
  • When you see the option Command Prompt, right-click on it. Then, choose Run as Administrator
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns and then go with Enter. Make sure that everything that you have typed in doesn’t have any space
  • Once you do this, you should be able to see a command box. It will flash only for a while and then the DNS cache would be cleared out.

Windows PowerShell

  • Click on the Start button. Type in ‘powershell’
  • When you see Windows PowerShell, click on it
  • Type in Clear-DnsClientCache and then Enter. Be advised that this one can apply to Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8, and 10.

Command Prompt

This is the third way on how to clear DNS cache on Windows 10 without a sweat. The steps are:

  • Choose Start and then type in ‘command’
  • You will see Command Prompt. Right-click on it. But before you do it, make sure that you run as the administrator. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do so
  • On the provided space, type ipconfig/flushdns and then press Enter

As you can see, there are several alternative options that you can try to solve cache issues. Now that you know how to clear DNS cache on Windows 10, you only need to pick one that is suitable for you.

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Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac


Since there is no exact version of Notepad++ for Mac users you can expect, you can still find some best Notepad++ alternative for Mac. A bunch of Notepad++ alternative has been available for Mac OS. Notepad++ is considered as one of the best powerful open source text editors for Mac. Besides, some of its version is free to download. The code editors owned by Notepad++ alternative supports more than one programming languages. Fortunately, the code editors include a variety of features such as syntax highlighting, interface, macro recording, customization, and etc.

Now let’s check out some best Notepad++ alternative for Mac in the list below:

  • Brackets

Brackets is one of the text editors that is widely used for free. It offers an excellent tool which is mostly used by the programmers along with the Git and Bracket’s feature. Brackets bring out not only some handy features including direct search, CSS hints, many kinds of themes and JS hints support but also the unique features such as Extract which is very helpful for data conversion.

  • Atom

The second best Notepad++ alternative for Mac you have to know is Atom. It is also one of the best open source text editor presented by Github team. Atom is very popular in its ability to modify the editor which is mainly intended for an online product.

The code editor of Atom includes great features such as Modal control, project management, and color display as well as Github conflict management. However, the most widely used feature is the file icons.

  • Komodo Edit

The third best Notepad++ alternative for Mac can adapt soon is Komodo Edit. Being a popular Notepad++ for Mac, Komodo Edit presents a light version and free download. The useful features are coming to help you use the alternative in a maximum way. Komodo edit features you can optimize are the autocomplete, markdown viewing, change tracking and multi-language support. Komodo Edit also provides extensions as well as themes to enhance the functionality.

  • jEdit

jEdit is also one of the Notepad++ alternative you may adopt. As one of the free editors, this type of alternative provides the mature programmers along with the markers feature. Coming with an unlimited clipboard, you can be able to copy as many code line as like. Along with jEdit, you will not only a big community but also learn about programming.

  • Visual Studio Code

The last but not least Notepad++ alternative you can use is the visual studio code. This one is a text editor possessed by Microsoft. This one has been compatible with macOS so that you don’t have to worry about which platform you are using. Make sure to check about this app especially if you are a web developer. The 30 major languages also need to figure out along with the usage of Visual Studio Code.


Overall, you don’t have to worry if you want to find Notepad++ especially the best Notepad++ alternative for Mac. Thus, you can optimize the usage of your Mac.

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The Good and Bad of Smadav Antivirus


Everyone needs the extra protective antivirus features that a program can provide – no matter what brand it is or what name it has. In this modern time, it is impossible not to rely on any antivirus software or whatsoever, considering that we spend most of our times in front of the computer and we are mostly connected to the internet. That’s why you should make an educated and determined research before making a decision.


Smadav, Among the Others

When it comes to choosing the right antivirus, the process can be pretty overwhelming. It’s because there are so many different programs out there with so many different features and specs. If you are looking for a program that is used as your main antivirus protection, then you should look for something super solid and tough. You want something that is able to deliver a thorough coverage with minimal fuss.

If you already have a main antivirus program, and you are looking for extra protection, you can consider Smadav. This is a name that is associated with good and reliable coverage, especially for the additional program. This program has its own protective antivirus features that are pretty good even for its free service.

Of course, corporate or big businesses can always gain access to the paid service, known as Smadav Pro. You are free too to enjoy the features but let’s not forget that you need to decide whether you want to stay with the free service or you want to update it to the paid one.

The Good and Bad

Smadav Features

As it was mentioned before, Smadav 2020 is a good additional antivirus program that can provide the extra needed protective features. It has the real-time update ability so you can always get the most current and most updated benefits. It is able to perform an efficient and fast scan. The operation is pretty simple and easy – even if you aren’t a rocket scientist who just operates the software for the first time, you can still manage the operation easily. Moreover, when your computer is connected to the USB flash drive, for instance, you can perform quick checking and scan – no time wasted. In short, you can enjoy tons of benefits and perks.

But then again, as it was mentioned before, this program is designed to be the additional program. It means that it won’t be able to help you much when you use it as the main antivirus system. In fact, if you only use Smadav as the main antivirus program, you won’t be able to enjoy the protective antivirus features – because there aren’t many to expect. Not to mention that the program has its own flaw – it can efficiently scan only known files or folders, but it will completely miss or ignore any unfamiliar format.

Is It Worth It?

What if you decide to use Smadav Pro? It’s just the same. The Pro version may have the extra features but it doesn’t offer much beneficial advantages and greatness. But as an additional program, Smadav has the needed protective antivirus features – as long as you don’t use it as the main program.

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