5 Best Apps for Chromebook for Your Convenience 


Chromebook Apps

Someone who uses Chromebook for the first time may face a hard time operating it. That’s to be expected, after all, Chromebook works differently to the OS we used to. But don’t worry, with the best apps for Chromebook, you will not feel uncomfortable when using it.

Chromebook is an OS that gets more attention lately. Unlike the other OS, it uses Google Chrome to execute the tasks. Because of that, most of the users find the Chromebook is a little hard to operate. However, now that Chromebook can run Android applications, operating it may not be as hard as you think.

So, here some recommendations of the app you should download for the Chromebook:

1. Gmail Offline

Usually, you have to be online to write an email. But, with Gmail offline, you can respond to any email even when you’re offline. With the cached data of your Gmail data, it is possible to answer any email when you’re not online.

You don’t need to worry because it will send automatically when the Chromebook catches an internet signal. To have this app, you can download it in the Chrome Web Store. Don’t forget to allow it to work offline, so you can use it without an internet connection.

2. Netflix


In recent years, Netflix has become one of the streaming apps that many people use. Usually, you can find this app in Android, or iOS. But now, this app is also available in Chromebook.

Don’t worry about the setting for Netflix in Chrome OS which has the same setting with Android. So, if you’re already familiar with Netflix in Android, without a doubt, you also can open it in Chromebook.

3. Google Photos

Do you like to look at the old photos? Then, you should install Google Photos in your Chromebook. Though initially, it is an application in Android, now you can enjoy this app in Chrome.

With Google Photos, you can save a lot of your old photos. If you want to make an album from those photos, you can use this app too. It can be said that this app is one of the best apps for Chromebook.

4. Pixlr


For the image-editing app for Chromebook, you can use Pixlr. This free drivers and software is a browser-based photo editing that is made especially for Chromebook. You can also find Pixlr in the mobile version.

Although it is not as powerful as Photoshop, Pixlr is still a good app for the average photo editing. It has several tools such as red-eye reduction, spot healing, and many more. It is also easy to use and open PDF files.

5. Spotify

For you who love to listen to music, Spotify is a nice choice even for the Chromebook. This app has the same function and interfaces as in the platforms. So, you will not have a hard time operating it.

Spotify initially is a free app. You don’t need to buy the app if you want to listen to music. However, if you want to have more options and erase the Ads, you have to subscribe to Spotify.

With the Android apps that are now available in Chrome OS, you have more options in installing the best apps for Chromebook. So, let’s get the right apps to operate Chromebook in comfort.


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