Samsung HW-N450 Review for Soundbar Enthusiasts


Samsung HW-N450 Review

Looking for a good soundbar? Why not reading Samsung HW-N450 review to get a glimpse of what the device is offering. In case you don’t know it, Samsung HW-N450 is a soundbar that would be a perfect pair for your Samsung TV. The device is small, and yet it packs up a lot of juices and power. The audio performance is just impressive, and the features are totally handy.

The Soundbar in General

This device comes with a 2.1 channel system consisting of a wireless subwoofer and a stereo soundbar. It has a bit angled sides with only 35.6 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches in size and a slim profile. If you want a good sound quality paired with your mid-size TV, this would be the perfect one for you. With rubber bumpers, you won’t have to worry about scratching any surfaces, even the delicate one. The main speaker alone can be placed on a tabletop or wall-mounted. In the package, you will get a special bracket for the wall mount although you will have to provide the anchors and screws.

Audio Support

For a quality and price range offered, this soundbar definitely has quite enough input options, consisting of HDMI 1.4 input located on the back, USB 1.0, Toslink optical, and 3.5mm analog. However, don’t expect it to have digital coax or RCA inputs – which can be quite a put-off considering that such things are generally found in price-range soundbars.

This device supports various audio formats, such as FLAC lossless, OGG, WMA, WAV, and AAC files. You can even play the AAC codes for Apples, but it doesn’t support the ALAC. Feel free to connect the soundbar to any smart device or digital audio player through Bluetooth. Be advised that it doesn’t have any multi-room streaming options or WiFi connectivity.

Surround Sound Options

Surround Sound Options

Based on the Samsung HW-N450 review, this device will decode DTS 2.0 and also Dolby Digital 2.0 signals. Not to mention that it also comes with Surround Expansion Mode using the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to artificially expand the soundtrack in order to add a better sense of spaciousness and depth. If you are into such artificial enhancements, it’s good news. If not, then you have other options.

You also have the option to expand the setup with a special wireless surround kit. If you use this, you can add 2 (discrete) surround channel speakers. But after the confirmation with Samsung representative, this soundbar is only able to decode DTS 2.0 and Dolby Digital 2.0 signals.

Setup with No Sweat

Setup with No Sweat

The setup basic is pretty straightforward and direct. You should be able to find the manual and how you can manage everything. Simply follow the directions and you should be good to go. No fuss. No drama.

Solid Performance

A lot of users claim that the outcome is super satisfying. Despite the small and compact size, the soundbar has a rich and huge sound with impeccable quality. Be advised, though, that the device doesn’t have commercial loudness compensation. Whenever there are commercials, the sound would automatically be louder (than the original material program you watch).

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