How To Open Multiple Bluestacks Multiple Accounts


Open Multiple Bluestacks Multiple Accounts

For those looking for an app that can help you run the android system on your PC, then try using Bluestacks. This is an app that allows people to run any kinds of android apps such as games, texting on their computers. Many of you must be asking how the system works and is Bluestacks safe to use. Well, just like other emulators, Bluestacks is safe to use if you download the app from the official website. As for how it works, all you need to do is download the app on your computer. Bluestacks have been developing its features and their newest future is Bluestacks multiple accounts.

The steps in using Bluestacks is easy and simple to follow. After downloading and installing the app, users will just need to log in to their Google account. Once this is finished, they can start using apps on their computer. However, a frequently asked question is can people use one account for more than activity. Or is it possible to have Bluestacks multiple accounts? Well, with the newest version of Bluestacks, this is now possible. With Bluestacks 4, people can create multiple accounts that can make you play more than one game at a time. So, how can your Bluestack have multiple accounts?

Open Multiple Bluestacks Multiple Accounts

1. Check Your Computer

Before installing the newest version of Bluestacks, check the details of your computer first. The latest Bluestack 4 can only be applied in Windows 7 and above or on the iOS system. Your PC must also have a minimum of 5GB free space for the app only. So, the more space you have the better it is to run the app. And last but also important, you must be an administrator on your PC.

2. Update Your Bluestack App

If your computer meets all the requirements above, then update your app with the newest one. With this new app, people can make multiple accounts and the app itself runs faster. So, if you are still using an older version don’t forget to update it.

3. Go to Setting

When your computer has been installed with Bluestacks, go to the setting menu on the app. Go to Bluestacks Multi-Instance Manager. In this menu, you should be seeing only one row with the word Bluestacks with status running. Whereas on the bottom right of the screen, you will see a new instance button. Click the button and add as many instances as you want. Then click the button Farm on the left bottom of the screen, so you can use it later.

4. Start the Instances

After you have done step number 4, all you need to do is click the start button on the side of each row. You can choose to start the instance now or later, as you like. On each row, you will also see four signs which are setting, short cut, paste, and delete. You can make a shortage of your instance by clicking the shortcut sign in each row.

5. Create a New Account

This the last step in making Bluestacks multiple accounts on your PC. Once you have clicked the starting button, you can log in using a new account in the new instances. The steps in running the new instance are just like the ones before, log in and then choose the app you like.

So, after updating your apps, you can make Bluestacks multiple accounts on your PC. This way you can control more than one account and play more than one game on your PC. Once you finish one of the accounts, you can just log out and close the instance.

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How To Delete a Discord Server Easily


How To Delete a Discord Server

If you are an old gamer, you should be recognized as TS or Vent as your communication tool. But nowadays, it has all changed to one application, Discord. You can talk with a group filled with a lot of people from other countries. In Discord, you can send messages, chatting, sending files, or open voice like you’re in a group call. With these features, there are still a lot of people that don’t understand how to delete a discord server.

Discord is one of the best chatting applications where you also can play music. You can interact with people using one server, it is called a group in other applications. However, admin can control all the activities on the server like invite, kick, and block people. You can also remove the server if it is getting worse and you can’t control it anymore. Here, we will try to write down the easiest steps on how to delete a Discord server.

4 Easy Steps On How To Delete a Discord Server

1. Open up Your Discord App

If you want to delete a Discord server, the first thing you should do is open up the application. You can’t delete the server without opening your application first. Make sure your PC has installed the Discord App before. You can download it for free, just use the search engine on google and search “Discord”. After that, write down your user name and password and then log in to your account.

2. Make Sure You’re an Admin

The only one who can delete a Discord server is the admin. If there are more than 1 admin, then you can only leave the server and let others take over. However, being an admin is not as easy as you think. You should be more active than others and check how the server is going. Also, invited people who want to join also kicked out people with bad behavior. Discord only gives access to an admin to delete the server to avoid bad people who just disturb.

3. Select the Server

If you are an old user of Discord, you should know the position of the server. Yes, the Discord server can be found on the left side of the window. After you open the server, choose the server settings on the bottom of the left pane. Make sure you open the right server that you want to delete. There are available a lot of options you can choose like muted or anything else. Choose the delete server option.

4. Make Sure You Want to Delete the Server

Delete Discord Server

Discord will ask you once more if you want to delete the server or not. However, deleting the server should be the latest option for you. Because you will no longer access it anymore in forever except you make a new one. But it will never be the same as before, there should be something that changes even if it just a little. Confirm deletion if you think there are no other ways anymore.

So there is the easiest way on how to delete a Discord server for you. If you want to delete it, just think twice. You had a lot of memories there with your friends. Try to find another way to solve it first by kicking toxic people or something else. Well, I hope this article can help you to delete the Discord server.

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