Things That Affect Your Lemongrass Growing Conditions


Lemongrass Growing Conditions

Cymbopogon spp. is another name of Lemongrass. This plant is grouped as one of the grass species in the Cymbopogon genus. Like a typically tropical plant, lemongrass needs a high intensity of sunlight. But on the other hand, it loves moist soil. So, you need to know how to harvest lemongrass in a proper way. Because it is tricky to keep the soil a little wet with a certain temperature. However, to keep your plant is growing well, there are other things that affect lemongrass plant growing conditions.

Surprisingly, even lemongrass is a typically tropical plant, it still survives in low-temperature place. Even though you are in the winter, you can grow the lemongrass inside the house. Also, lemongrass doesn’t require many things from you. Just place it inside the pot with water or soil and let them grow. Again, even if it seems so easy, you must understand the factors of lemongrass plant growing conditions.

5 Things You Should Know When Planting Lemongrass

Before we discuss further the factors of lemongrass plant growing conditions, there are two types of plants. Lemongrass is considered as Perennial plants that can survive all growing seasons. Even though their reproductive cycle has completed, the parent plants will continue to grow. Below which affects their growth:

  1. Water

As we mentioned before that wet soil is important for the lemongrass is moist. So, you cannot avoid the water factor in this plant growing conditions. Water is something that keeps the soil moist or we can say a little bit wet. You must water the plant frequently. It might be two or three times per day or depends on your environment temperature. When it is rainy or winter, water less than in the summer.

  1. Soil

Another way to plant the lemongrass is by using the soil. When you choose this method, you must ensure that only the best bulb and roots are placed inside the soil. Also, attention to the pot size. Do not tamp up very much the pot because your lemongrass will grow and make the place crowd.

  1. Sunlight

Since the lemongrass is a tropical plant, it must really crave for sunlight. It becomes the basic factor of its growth. When you plant the lemongrass inside the house, place the pot near the window or space where the sunlight can catch. Sunlight is like the main course for lemongrass.

  1. Trimming

Trimming is one of the processes in plating lemongrass. It is indeed not the factor like water, soil, or sunlight. But when you miss this part, your lemongrass will hardly grow because of the crowd pot bounder its productivity. Trimming means you cut the leaves on the top part. The more leave on there, the harder your lemongrass will grow.

  1. The Pot

A good thing when you are planting lemongrass is you are not depending on a large space. If what you have is a limited backyard or little sweet corner, just let the lemongrass grows there. But remember, once you use the pot as its media, you must change the pot when the lemongrass gets a crowd.

Those are things that affect your lemongrass plant growing conditions. It is good for you to start in early summer because you can harvest when the winter is coming. In the lower temperature, your lemongrass might survive but when the spring appears it usually dies back.

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