Instagram Captions Writing Hacks Everyone Need To Know


What is the key to Instagram popularity? The main reason is probably the post. However, whatever you post wouldn’t make sense if you don’t write good Instagram captions. If you want to get more likes, you have to strengthen the connection with the followers. And to do that, you must write Instagram captions that not only attractive but also interactive.

Instagram Captions Writing Hacks

Instagram Captions Writing Hacks

Is there any hack to do that? Yes, there it is. Follow these writing hacks and see what happen.

Think, Then Write

If you want to be the real Instagram influencer, you must think about your posts deeply before even post it. Consider what will happen to your posts as well as the followers if you post it. How many followers and hearts do you want to earn? What reactions do you want to get from the followers? After answering these questions, then you can start to write captions.

Be Clear and Simple

Be clear and simple altogether is hard enough. Nevertheless, you must do this to create Instagram captions that not make the readers fall asleep. The smartest way to success writing clear and simple captions is learning to be concise.

Do you need to learn just to make a good Instagram post? Yes. However, learning isn’t that difficult. As long as you practice it routinely. Every time you read something, try to summarize it the shortest way.

Make Meaningful Caption

In Instagram, you can share everything. Your feelings, thoughts, and many else. However, don’t be so egotistical by writing captions without thinking about your followers’ sake.

In fact, we have known so many popular influencers out there. But being popular shouldn’t be the main reason. Inspiring followers is more essential.

Show Yourself

Believe me, many people use Instagram to escape their life. There are many people look fine at social media, but doing suicidal in real life. At last, the best way to be popular is to become yourself. It doesn’t mean you can just let out your feelings without a filter on Instagram, though. Instead, show the best version of you to the world.

Write As You Talk

Write As You Talk

The function of Instagram captions is to communicate. You can write genius things, but without communicating it, no one will get your meaning. How’s to make a communicative caption, then?

It’s simple. When you write captions, let your mouth say it orally. Write as if the followers are in front of you, and you’re trying to talk to them.

Don’t Be Boring

Who’s the most boring person in your life? Anyway, someone becomes boring not because he/she does too many speaking. It’s because of the way they speak. The same rule is used when you write Instagram captions. If you target the followers by a young age, try to speak their language.

Ask Your Followers

This is the caption writing hack most people ignore. If you want to be more engaged with the followers, don’t hesitate to ask their thoughts about your post. Includes it on the captions you write. Doing this wouldn’t only attract the followers to react, but also show them you care to what they think.

That is all the seven writing hacks to write Instagram captions. Along with doing it, you must ensure you don’t insult others with your captions. Be a respectful influencer and your followers will respect you as well.


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Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac


Since there is no exact version of Notepad++ for Mac users you can expect, you can still find some best Notepad++ alternative for Mac. A bunch of Notepad++ alternative has been available for Mac OS. Notepad++ is considered as one of the best powerful open source text editors for Mac. Besides, some of its version is free to download. The code editors owned by Notepad++ alternative supports more than one programming languages. Fortunately, the code editors include a variety of features such as syntax highlighting, interface, macro recording, customization, and etc.

Now let’s check out some best Notepad++ alternative for Mac in the list below:

  • Brackets

Brackets is one of the text editors that is widely used for free. It offers an excellent tool which is mostly used by the programmers along with the Git and Bracket’s feature. Brackets bring out not only some handy features including direct search, CSS hints, many kinds of themes and JS hints support but also the unique features such as Extract which is very helpful for data conversion.

  • Atom

The second best Notepad++ alternative for Mac you have to know is Atom. It is also one of the best open source text editor presented by Github team. Atom is very popular in its ability to modify the editor which is mainly intended for an online product.

The code editor of Atom includes great features such as Modal control, project management, and color display as well as Github conflict management. However, the most widely used feature is the file icons.

  • Komodo Edit

The third best Notepad++ alternative for Mac can adapt soon is Komodo Edit. Being a popular Notepad++ for Mac, Komodo Edit presents a light version and free download. The useful features are coming to help you use the alternative in a maximum way. Komodo edit features you can optimize are the autocomplete, markdown viewing, change tracking and multi-language support. Komodo Edit also provides extensions as well as themes to enhance the functionality.

  • jEdit

jEdit is also one of the Notepad++ alternative you may adopt. As one of the free editors, this type of alternative provides the mature programmers along with the markers feature. Coming with an unlimited clipboard, you can be able to copy as many code line as like. Along with jEdit, you will not only a big community but also learn about programming.

  • Visual Studio Code

The last but not least Notepad++ alternative you can use is the visual studio code. This one is a text editor possessed by Microsoft. This one has been compatible with macOS so that you don’t have to worry about which platform you are using. Make sure to check about this app especially if you are a web developer. The 30 major languages also need to figure out along with the usage of Visual Studio Code.


Overall, you don’t have to worry if you want to find Notepad++ especially the best Notepad++ alternative for Mac. Thus, you can optimize the usage of your Mac.

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