7 Features of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Offered to You


Are you looking for a professional image-editing standard and the leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line? Adobe Photoshop CS3 comes with the highlights and features you can expect out of image-editing software.

This type of Adobe Photoshop offers you the easiest way of editing image along with the amazing result. You can get this software a hundred percent free and safe so that you don’t worry too much about anything.

Now let’s find out what’s more Adobe Photoshop CS3 offers. Check out the review as follows:

7 Features of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Offered to You

  • Motion-Based Pictures

The first capability of Adobe Photoshop CS3 you may use just after the installation is the motion-based pictures. This software allows you to process 3D images and make the creation of the motion-based pictures easy. This feature is very good to produce a standard motion picture.

  • CAD Formats

As one of the recommended software, CS3 is also capable of accepting CAD formats so that you are able to view and manipulate as well as rotate the models in 3D spaces. Thus, this feature enables you to modify the models along with the 3D spaces to get the best result.

  • Motion Graphics

The next feature you can check out of Adobe Photoshop CS3 is the motion graphics. Along with this feature, you will be able to edit the videos frame-by-frame supported by the possibility to add a new layer to each framework. This is also very good to add an interesting part to your image.

  • Smart Filters

Featuring smart filters, you are permitted to combine some different effects so that you can produce a more satisfying project. The effects are already available in the software. You just need to open and use them in the way of the editing process.

  • Extensive Variety of Presets

Supported by the extensive variety of presets feature, this software enables you to introduce 3D manipulation to digital imaging along with the graphics filters and rich image support. Now the digital image is ready to produce by Adobe Photoshop CS3.

  • Improved Camera RAW

The next feature you have to know and optimize after installing the software is the improved camera RAW. This feature makes you able to catch a picture with higher quality than that with the old version. Improved camera RAW works out to improve the camera quality so that you can also improve the picture’s quality.

  • Improved PDF Support

Do you want to save your editing image result in PDF? Why not! Along with the feature of improved PDF support, you will be able to save your photos produced by Adobe Photoshop CS3 in PDF format. This is how you can see that the software really support what you need.


Out of the seven features of Adobe Photoshop CS3 we have just described above, you may conclude that this software is very good to produce a professionally edited image as you expect. If you fully optimize the seven features of the software, I am sure, you will be able to create not only a professionally edited image but also a digital photo.