The Good and Bad of Smadav Antivirus


Everyone needs the extra protective antivirus features that a program can provide – no matter what brand it is or what name it has. In this modern time, it is impossible not to rely on any antivirus software or whatsoever, considering that we spend most of our times in front of the computer and we are mostly connected to the internet. That’s why you should make an educated and determined research before making a decision.


Smadav, Among the Others

When it comes to choosing the right antivirus, the process can be pretty overwhelming. It’s because there are so many different programs out there with so many different features and specs. If you are looking for a program that is used as your main antivirus protection, then you should look for something super solid and tough. You want something that is able to deliver a thorough coverage with minimal fuss.

If you already have a main antivirus program, and you are looking for extra protection, you can consider Smadav. This is a name that is associated with good and reliable coverage, especially for the additional program. This program has its own protective antivirus features that are pretty good even for its free service.

Of course, corporate or big businesses can always gain access to the paid service, known as Smadav Pro. You are free too to enjoy the features but let’s not forget that you need to decide whether you want to stay with the free service or you want to update it to the paid one.

The Good and Bad

Smadav Features

As it was mentioned before, Smadav 2020 is a good additional antivirus program that can provide the extra needed protective features. It has the real-time update ability so you can always get the most current and most updated benefits. It is able to perform an efficient and fast scan. The operation is pretty simple and easy – even if you aren’t a rocket scientist who just operates the software for the first time, you can still manage the operation easily. Moreover, when your computer is connected to the USB flash drive, for instance, you can perform quick checking and scan – no time wasted. In short, you can enjoy tons of benefits and perks.

But then again, as it was mentioned before, this program is designed to be the additional program. It means that it won’t be able to help you much when you use it as the main antivirus system. In fact, if you only use Smadav as the main antivirus program, you won’t be able to enjoy the protective antivirus features – because there aren’t many to expect. Not to mention that the program has its own flaw – it can efficiently scan only known files or folders, but it will completely miss or ignore any unfamiliar format.

Is It Worth It?

What if you decide to use Smadav Pro? It’s just the same. The Pro version may have the extra features but it doesn’t offer much beneficial advantages and greatness. But as an additional program, Smadav has the needed protective antivirus features – as long as you don’t use it as the main program.