[Guide] How To Mirror A Photo on iPhone


Mirror A Photo

When taking a photo using your iPhone, sometimes you wish for it to face in a different direction. And you can solve this problem with a simple mirroring. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have this feature, but some third-party apps can help you on how to mirror a photo on the iPhone.

How To Mirror A Photo on iPhone

Here are some apps that will help you in this endeavor:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has worldly known with its Photoshop, which now has the iOS version called Photoshop Express. With this app, you don’t have to run to your computer desktop for minor editing like mirror a photo. How to mirror a photo on iPhone using this app, you only need to open it then select for the camera. Afterward, select the Edit menu and choose your desired photo. Then crop for the area you want to edit and tap for Rotate. Pick for horizontal or vertical flipping version, and lastly, click for Save & Share.

  • Photo Mirror Effect Camera

In mirroring a photo, you can do it for a basic flip or to get a mirror effect. With this app, you will get the second one, because it can’t do the first. And if you’re looking for a complex way in adorning your photo, then this app is a good choice. To do this, find the photo you want to edit through the Photo Mirror Effect Camera app. You have to mark the point area of the mirror, then choose for the mirroring style. Once you get the one you like, click Share and to Save it click for the down-arrow icon.

  • Photo Flipper

If you look for a simpler app to help you on how to mirror a photo on the iPhone, then the answer will be Photo Flipper. Unlike the two mentioned above, this app purpose is only for the sole reason flipping image to another direction. You have to open your desired photo from the camera menu through the Photo Flipper app. Then you only need to drag your finger in a horizontal or vertical direction, depend on what you want and click for the box-and-arrow icon to share it. Lastly, you have to Save Image to keep the flipped photo in your iPhone.

  • QuickFlip

QuickFlip has the same purpose as Photo Flipper, to easily mirror flip your photo. To do it, you have to launch the app then open the picture you want to edit. Then, with a simple swipe with your finger, you can flip the photo horizontally or vertically. Once you get what you want, click for the Save Button to save the photo in your device.

  • PhotoGrid


Another photo editor that can help you on how to mirror a photo on iPhone is PhotoGrid. To open your photo tap for the + menu at the middle of the menu bar at the bottom, then choose Edit. You have to Give Access to the app can open your photo gallery, and then choose the desired photo. You will find the Flipping Option (horizontal or vertical) at the bottom of the editor. The last step, you only have to Save to have the photo on your iPhone.

Those above are five apps will help you on how to mirror a photo on the iPhone. That way, you don’t have to bother in editing through your computer anymore. Thus, the technology simpler your way of living and make everything easier.