Stop Optimizing Apps In Android

8 Methods How Stop Optimizing Apps In Android


For optimizing apps, rebooting is one of the ways to do it. However, rebooting for 24 hours straight signs that there is something wrong. The issues usually come after the updates. Therefore, here are some methods of how to stop optimizing apps in Android.

Stop Optimizing Apps In Android

  • Wipe Cache Partition

The good thing about wiping the cache versus performing a factory reset is it won’t delete all of the personal data in the apps. However, the might have to re-enter some passwords, but it’s a lot less messy than the following method.

  • Use power or volume key combination
  • Release the buttons incrementally
  • Select recovery with navigating using the volume buttons.
  • Choose the wipe cache partition
  • Unplug Device Before Restart

In many cases, this problem only occurs when the users reboot while their phone is charging. Because this change in habit is very easy to do, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

  • Uninstall Troublesome Apps

If the problem starts after installing an app then uninstall it. However, if this doesn’t solve it, then reinstall the app. Some apps like Zedge, TrueCaller, TextPlus, MyFitnessPal, and Facebook aren’t causing this error.

If the app is using an unusual amount of the battery, then uninstall it. Thus, this method is key for how to stop optimizing apps in Android.

  • Try Safe Mode Options
  • Open Settings in the apps drawer.
  • Visit Applications Manager
  • Tap the Offending App and check the Battery Stats
  • Choose uninstall or disable the app.
  • Remove Apps From The Standby Mode

People experiencing with app optimization has nothing to do with the apps being optimized. However, the apps’ performance is being sacrificed for the battery to be optimized. Here is how to turn off battery optimization for specific apps.

  • Locate Battery Optimization Menu
  • Select Battery Optimization
  • Choose “All Apps” or “Apps”
  • Find The App
  • Tap the App
  • Make sure that the App isn’t Selected for Optimization
  • Finalize by tapping Done.
  • Remove and Reinsert SD Card

Some users might have this problem when their SD card is encrypted. However, it may happen if some apps have been installed on the card instead. Therefore, they need to remove SD card, reinsert the SD card, then format it.

  • Using Optimizing Apps Fix

For how to stop optimizing apps in Android, there are some apps that could help. However, the users need to back up the data before using it. Moreover, don’t uninstall this app until selecting the Unfix option.

  • Factory Reset

Factory Reset is another method to optimize apps in Android. There are some steps to do this method as follows.

  • Visit Settings to reset from Recovery Mode.
  • Select System to tap Reset then choose Factory Reset.
  • Reset Phone (might be asked to enter PIN or password).
  • Restart after deleting all data.
  • Contact Carrier

The problem might be from the firmware itself. Therefore, the users need to bring it to the service provider. However, if the problem is from the apps, then don’t reinstall it.

That is all for how to stop optimizing apps in Android. Those eight methods represent the issue of a common problem for optimizing. Moreover, the users could try downgrading the app to its previous version. This only works if the problem appears after the updates.

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