Get to Know Google VR Tiltbrush


If you don’t know what Google VR tiltbrush is, don’t worry because there are so many people who also don’t know this thing. However, we can say that Google VR Tiltbrush is the next big thing in the technology modern world. So, what is Google Tiltbrush? It is a new tool that will make you easier to paint. The painting is in 3D. You can have a 3D painting with virtual reality. This is something different compared with the traditional ways which are 2D and 3D art. By using Google VR Tiltbrush, you can make a great art that will make everyone satisfied with your creation. This new device will also help you to make your design portfolio become great.

The Art is in Your Virtual Reality

Maybe we know that VR or virtual reality is something that you watch. However, the existence of Google VR Tiltthe brush can change our world. It also changes the way we create art, work, and the way we live. By using Google VR Tiltbrush, you don’t watch art. Instead, you create an art. You can pour your creativity into your virtual world. The creativity will be limitless if you use this device. You can create many new arts that everyone isn’t aware of.

Basic Guide to Use Google VR Tiltbrush

Since this tool is new in this modern day, we are pretty sure that not many people know how to use Google VR Tiltbrush. So, in this post, we will give you some basic guidelines to use this drawing device. You can become a top artist if you use this thing!

  1. The experiment is a must

Maybe you will feel awkward for sometimes when you use Google VR Tiltbrush. This is okay. Everyone who already used this device also feels that way. Since you are making a 3D art, it means that you have an ability to move around while you are using this brush. This is the important thing that you need to put in your mind whenever you want to use this device. In using Google VR Tilbrush, the experiment is very important and also necessary. You will experience how luminous this brush is. So, practice makes perfect. You can use this device for fun while you are experimenting with it.

  1. Understand the features

Since this is a virtual brush, there will be features which make your art look cool. You can view this thing like Photoshop. There are many features and you can custom the software. Similar to Google VR Tiltbrush, there is a custom brush and features that are worth to try. However, you still need to experiment and practice to make your art look cool when you use the custom and features. You need to use certain features in certain ways.

  1. Understand the brush

As an artist, you need to develop a bond with the tool that you use. In this case, you need to understand Google BR Tiltbrush to make your art great again. For your information, some brushes can react differently. So, you need to (again) experiment them more often. As the time goes by, you will know that the marker brush will make your art as it is. Meanwhile, the flat brush will add the shadow effect to your drawing. As for the cloud brush, you can use it to make a smoke effect.

  1. Scribble makes perfect

You can use Google VR Tiltbrush to scribble your art. You can draw a rainbow or even big curved lines. This way will make you become aware of the control. You can also get used to this new technology. But you need to be creative. It means that you need to add more effect or colors to know the way the brushwork.

  1. The use of wire tool

In Google VR Tiltbrush, there is a tool namely the wire tool. You can use it if you want to make a sketch with line work. This tool is very useful if you want to have a precision in your art.

  1. Start drawing at waist level

For a beginner, we recommend you to start your drawing at waist level. This is very important especially if the environment is the drawing that you want to create.

  1. Please share your art

What’s the point of making an art if you don’t want people to know your art? So, whenever you making an art by using Google VR Tiltbrush, you can share it in VR. The result will be in a 2D format, maybe it will be less great than you see in V. But you need to share your art so people can give comment and critic that will make your art become better for the next time.

By using Google VR Tiltbrush, you can create an art in more amazing detail and you can also have a more realistic art since this tool has so many features that will improve your work.

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