The Guide to Buy a Drone


We really know that drone is a thing right now. And for you who want to spend your money on a drone, we think that you might have to read this post. In this chance, we would like to give you a guide in buying a drone. We will give everything that we know about a drone. So, this post is very necessary for someone who wants to buy a drone and this is your first time, right?

The Trend of Having Drone

Everyone around you is having drones and you want to jump into this trend. However, you do not just walk into the store and pick anything that seems good according to your newbie’s eyes. You will need some good advice from us to buy a drone.

Tips to Buy Drone for the First Time

  1. The place to buy a drone

You can buy a drone in the store near you. Find the one with the best reputation. Types of drone such as toy drone, camera drone, or maybe racing drone can be found online too. This is the best way to get a drone if you live in a small town. Since the choices are limited, the online shop can be your alternative. There you can find various drones that you can choose between brands, types, and prices as well. We suggest you find an online shop with good rating and reputation. You can go to the forum and ask the people there which best online shop to buy drones. There is also an online shop where you can buy a drone with free shipping. The cost of shipping can be your consideration if you buy drone online since it can cost too much. However, you need to do a research to know which online shop that offers the best shipping cost.

  1. Know the specs

This is very important to you. If you want to buy a drone, any type of drone, you need to know the specs first. It will be different depending on the brand and types. Know the brand first because each brand has a certain type to offer. There is also a brand that always makes small changes to their product in every few months. So, there is a chance where you don’t always get the newest version of the drone that you want. Don’t forget to check the software and hardware. It’s best for you to join drone forum and you can get a recommendation by it so you can get the best drone for a beginner. Moreover, don’t forget about the reliability and safety of the drone. Those two things are very important for the drone user.

  1. Get a recommendation‍

If you don’t want to put great effort in searching for the drone, you can always ask for a recommendation from your relative who has a drone or maybe they are the ones who sell drone. They will consider some things for you such as price and your needs. Moreover, people who give you recommendation sometimes know the best place to buy a drone. Maybe you will know the store that has many products for sale. Maybe you will know a shop where the people there design the drones by themselves or maybe they have permission to manufacture the drone. Usually, this kind of shop sells drones with cheaper price because they sell it like a retailer.

‍4. Check the warranty

Warranty is very important whenever you buy the thing, including drones. You need to buy a drone in a store that provides a warranty. This is very necessary because you don’t know if the drone that you buy is really in a good condition although you already test it. Who knows if you get a fail product from the manufacturer? But by having a warranty, you can fix or replace the drone for free!

  1. Know the rules

Don’t be so ignorant once you have a drone. Although this thing will fly in the sky, but you need to know the rules. You don’t want any trouble caused by your drone, right? You need to learn some things about flying a drone. The regulation in each country is different, so you need to educate yourself. ‍At least, know the general rules such don’t fly it over government facilities and private property. If you follow the rules, you won’t get any trouble.

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