Let’s Update Your Smartphone with Newest OS!


If you have a smartphone or tablet, you need to update the OS regularly. This is the way to make your user experience become better, get the newest features, get the best features, and you can protect your data on your gadget from security threats or cybercrime. On this post, we will give you a step by step on updating OS on Android and iOS. Let’s check them out!

How to Upgrade Your Android

If you use an Android gadget, usually you will get a notification from your gadget that the newest update is available. So, you can download the newest OS right away. You can also set your Android gadget to make it update by itself. Check the Settings menu and you will find one. Right now, Android has Android Pie as their newest OS. However, this newest version is not available for every Android. So, you need to know how to update your Android gadgets by reading this below.

Android Pie is also known as the 9th version of Android OS. This OS was released at the beginning of 2018. But, it will take some time for the Android users to be able to update their gadget with Android Pie.  For your information, if you want to get Android Pie, it will depend on your device. In some cases, the provider that you use is also contributing to this matter. So, it is normal for some Android devices that won’t get any update for Android Pie. Especially if you already use the Android device for more than two years. The update will become rarer. And the manufacturer also doesn’t support the newest OS for older Android devices.

However, if you use Android Oreo, which the last year’s Android OS, you may have a chance to update them into Android Oreo. To update it, you just need to go to Setting and find the Software Update menu. After that, you just need to enable the feature for “Update automatically”. By enabling this feature, if there is a new update for your Android, you will get a notification and your device will update by itself.

How to Update Your iOS

For iOS users, don’t worry! We don’t forget you. For you who use iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you need to know how to update the latest version of Apple’s OS. Learn how to update it below!

  1. On-Device Update

First things first, you need to back up all of the dates in your device. Go to Settings. The icon is a gray gear that you can find in your home screen. After that, you will see the icon, tap it. Go to “General” and you will see that there is “Software Update, then tap it. If you don’t find it, it is located at the very top of the setting. Tap “Download” and your device will download the newest OS. After that, you need to tap “Install Now”. There will be some description of the OS like new features and others. Before you install the OS, you need to accept the terms and conditions. After that, enter the passcode. It is the one that you use whenever you want to unlock your device. The device will restart. This is the step where the update process will start.

  1. Via iTunes

You can update OS via iTunes. The steps are easy. First, you need to connect the device by using the USB cable to your PC. After connecting, you need to click “Trust”. Open iTunes and you need to click “Back Up Now”. After that, click “Check for Update”. If there is an update, you just need to download it and install the newest OS. Your device will restart when the installing process begins.

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