What Should You Do with Your PlayStation 4?


There are so many people who love PlayStation. Even there are many fans who love it since the first generation. However, today’s PlayStation is really great and we can say that it changes completely. This game console is very famous technology in this market. Moreover, you can enjoy many amazing games that are available for PlayStation 4. Indeed, this generation of PlayStation is unrivaled. There are many new games out there, but PlayStation 4 still a winner in many people’s heart.

Things You Need to Know about PlayStation 4

If you already have PlayStation 4, you need to know some things when you set it up. In fact, there are a lot more to do with this console game. Maybe you need some help to set this up, then this post is for you. You need a guide in using the PlayStation 4. We will give you some tips on using PlayStation 4 so you can have the best experience in gaming. This post is also worth to read for someone who wants to buy PlayStation 4 for the first time. It is because choosing a PlayStation can be confusing to some people.

Ultimate Guide to Choose and Use PlayStation 4

By reading this guide, we hope you can choose the right PlayStation 4 and you can use it for good. Here are our tips and guide.

  1. Know what you want

There are many types of PlayStation 4 such as Slim PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and the classic version as well. Right now, PlayStation already launched it 5.5 version. So, you can have many new, great, and cool content in your console. If you are a parent and you want to buy PS4 for tour child. There is a new feature that will make every parent happy. This feature is called Play Time Management. As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to control your child in playing the game. Your child’s account can be controlled by using this app. You can control the time such as “ 3 hours a day”, “allow the game to play from 3 pm to 5 pm”, “allow the gamer to play only on Saturday and Sunday”, and there are many time management setting that you can use. You need to have a parental account first to use this feature. You can also control it with your phone.

  1. Library

Just so you know, in the newest update there will be a few more tabs in your library. This new feature is very useful because it will be much easier to find and sort out new content. This is very important to PS4 VR user. You will know the name or description of the virtual reality titles. This is something that does not exist in the previous update. Moreover, there will also a VR icon so you can organize the content better.

  1. Tournament page

There is also a new update in the tournament page. You can import your data like a picture from your USB. This is very necessary if you want to have an icon for your team logo. The background for tournament page can also be used as the background for your PS 4 Home. Last but not least, you can make a schedule of events. The schedule is very helpful in tournament page feature. You can also filter 1v1 and Team vs Team events easier.

  1. The Quick menu

The last thing that you need to know about PS 4 is the quick menu. There is also an update that allows you to drop-down the friend list. You can send a message to them or maybe invitation. You can also know who’s online at the moment. Spotify users will also get benefits for their PlayStation Music.